Detailed Skill Tracking

Our proprietary skill tracking module will enable you to set up your own program and which skills are being tracked and how. Anything from yard skills to on-road driving evaluations and pre-trip and post-trip tasks. It's all there and easy to review.

Because everything is tracked and recorded electronically, anyone can check and review the status of the student's program and their progress, including the student, ANY TIME from any device.

Our software can even track the notes of lessons performed by other teachers, both private and public notes. You designate which notes should be shared amongst instructors only.

Each lesson is validated and recorded, and both students and teachers can electronically sign for it.

When it comes time for audit, it's all there in one place. No lost folders or misfiled papers. If you still fancy paper, you can also upload files directly to the student's account.

Instructor Portal on tablet
Text message on phone

Automatic email and text message notifications

Automated email and text message notifications are sent to students to remind them of their upcoming class, on-road or yard skills sessions. Notifications can also be sent to ask students to sign their contract, or let them know their payment has posted to their account. Custom set content can greatly optimize the entire process while providing timely information to students with near zero effort by your staff. With 2-way messaging capability, you can fully track all text message interactions with students.

Each school gets a dedicated text messaging local or toll-free phone number that will track and record all text messages for your organization. If someone dials that number, we will forward the call to a number of your choice.

Our text messaging module complies with the regulations in US and Canada for management and communications via text messaging.

Student Scheduling

With our easy and flexible scheduler, you can easily manage all classroom sessions, yard training, and on-road behind the wheel lessons. Your office can schedule the student lessons or allow students to select their own times for lessons, it's up to you. Truck School Software can easily manage all. Our solution will even track the number of outstanding hours so that you never overbook a student for more than they purchased.

Student on computer and phone scheduling drives
Student taking a quiz online

Online Skill and Practice Quiz

Every school wants to make sure that students learn theory and practice. Truck School Software's unlimited practice quiz can help your students review and test their knowledge from the classrooms.

You can custom set questions, and answers, difficulty levels, and how many times students are able to take a quiz or test their knowledge. These quizzes can be tied to the classroom portion of the program so when they complete certain classroom or curriculum milestone, they can test their retained knowledge.

You control all aspects of the quizzes and all grades and scores are automatically tracked and saved for each student.

Integrated Billing and Financial Tracking

Truck School Software has a complete financial, point-of-sale (POS) tracking module. Record every purchase, payment, refund or dicount. Truck School Software is also capable of tracking all forms of payments; credit card, cash, check or money order. All in one place.

Our robust reporting capability will enable you to export any type of financial information and import it into your accounting software, QuickBooks or any other.

Student portal payment page
Integrated Credit Card Companies

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Our software is integrated with leading credit card processing companies, and we can directly connect our software to your merchant account. All credit card processing is directly deposited into the school's account. Our software is fully compliant with all PCI DSS requirements related to credit card security.

With our integrated credit card processing system, you don't have to use different websites to process credit cards, or use machines in your office. You can do it all via your Truck School Software. All transactions are processed and recorded in real-time.

For security and protection, and due to our PCI compliance policy rules, we do not store ANY credit card numbers. That way you can rest assured that both you and your customer's sensitive information is protected.

PCI DSS compliant

Digital Signatures and Documentation

Our state-of-the-art software can help you completely digitize the entire student training experience. From the moment they become your student and sign a contract or agreement, to training signatures and acknowledgements. Why use paper when electronic information is easier to track, audit and manage? Forget the paper. But if you still have the need to print things, you can do that.

Student accessing student portal on phone and computer

Mobile Access for Students

Mobility is the name of the game in your industry. Everyone is on the move and Truck School Software will let your students access their accounts 24/7 any time from any device. No app to be installed. They can have the ability to do whatever you want them to do within their account; from account review to payments, document upload, and access to educational material and resources. It's all there, available at any time.

School Branding

Each school is unique and wants to make sure that students always know who is their provider. We brand all of the public facing pages; form lead generation to student login and online enrollment. Your logo, your design. There is no extra cost associated withbranding. Its all included.

Student uploading a document on their tablet
Student accessing student portal on phone and computer

Data Security and Storage

Our data is stored inside the Microsoft Azure™ Data Center which provides World Class 99.95% uptime, automatic data backups and State-of-The-Art security. With geographical redundancy we ensure that our solution is always available. Our security posture sets us apart from any other driving school management provider because we take security, and availability seriously.

Securely Upload Documents

Many of our trucking school clients would share sensitive files via email or even text. Our encrypted and secure file upload function will enable your staff or even better students, to upload any kind of paperwork or document that you require. All those uploaded files are safely and securely stored on our servers and encrypted. So ONLY authorized persons can have access to them. I am 100% certain that it happens all the time that someone sends you an email with file attachment that returns because file is too large. No more.

Student uploading a document on their tablet
Computer, phone, and tablet showing a website

FREE Website Design, Management and Hosting

Not a gimmick or a joke. If you want your stale website redesigned and optimized for point of sale or lead generaton or if your developer is MIA and you need this burden taken off your shoulders, we can help you. Our team will create a brand new website that is modern, fast and mobile friendly. And if any changes are needed, we also handle that as well. NO COST.

7 Day U.S. Based Support

We recognize that our software and service is considered "Mission Critical" and therefore we offer 7 day US based software support. Email, phone and chat support is available during normal business hours 9 AM-8 PM EST so if you or your staff need help we are here to support you.

Our staff covering time zones coast-to-coast is here to assist you and your team. And our integrated ticket management system will automatically crate ticket by simply sending an email or even by leaving a voice mail. Tickets are usually resolved and addressed within the same day.

Our software support is 100% US based and not outsourced outside of the United States.

Student uploading a document on their tablet

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